Man on the Street: What would you do if there was a zombie apocalypse?

Ashley Estrada and Anay Sandoval 

Crimson Chronicle Reporters

Q: What would you do if there was a zombie apocalypse?

Diego Galdamez – TCA, 9th grade

“I would probably go home, try see what I can do, you feel me, and if my family is dead then they dead bro ‘cause there’s nothing I can do. So I would probably get in their car and dip bro. I would probably go to like the mountains or something, you feel me like get the high ground. And if they come then I get down with the zombies. If i die then i die you feel me.”

Dylan Guerrero – SAS, 9th grade

“I wouldn’t run away from the zombies, cause they’ll obviously try to catch me, they’re fast. I try to get some sort of fire like a flamethrower burns. I’ll get other people to join me, maybe like a group of survivors…”

Michai Goodman – NMA, 9th grade

“I’d get a bunch of food from the nearest supermarket that I could find. Probably board out my house, so i could you know, so the zombies don’t get it and then probably just try to survive.”

Natalie Hernandez – PAM, 11th grade

“I would watch the Walking Dead to prepare myself, I would…gather resources… I’ve seen this hack where you burn plastic and it makes the wood… stronger for like protection. I would separate myself from everyone…”

Caleb Alverado – SAS, 11th grade

“I guess I would go around all the stores and get supplies from them…find an empty house and make it as a base. Then, I’d probably gather people up and go to the house that’s a base now. I’ll survive there with them, for as long as we can and see what the government would do.”

Zion McCloud – NMA, 11th grade

“First thing you want to survive a zombie apocalypse, get any melee weapon because them bullets is gone, everybody got them…everybody got the guns, everybody got the bullets. Just kill somebody, kill a group and take they guns, take they bullets, head for a base or something. Something that’s sturdy like a prison or something like that, you know Walking Dead had that on lock…take it…and then grow plants… you good for life I ain’t going to lie to you but just don’t die.”

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