Important Schoology posts you may have missed

Joseph Gallegos

Crimson Chronicle Editor

With the school year coming to an end, students can be overwhelmed with information that they need to know on schoology. Whether it relates to their classes, available opportunities or any other type of important information. In case you missed it, here’s some important information in recent schoology posts.

Prom Requirements

Seniors, in order to be able to participate in prom on May 27, you must also attend school on that day as well. If for any reason you have to go home early in order to get ready, you can make arrangements with the attendance office beforehand. You can do so by bringing in a note signed by your parent or guardian that authorizes you can check out early.

Free YMCA Membership for Teens

All summer, teens 12-18 will receive access to any of YMCA’s 26 locations free of charge. Along with this, the YMCA will also be offering free programming and events. If you would like to pre-register for membership starting 6/15 to 8/15, you can scan the QR code attached to the following flier.

Returning Library Books

Library books for all students are now due meaning that books must be turned in as soon as possible. Seniors will be able to return books starting the week of May 23 following finals while underclassmen will be able to return books starting the week of May 30 following finals. Along with this, the library will now be closed during nutrition and lunch in order for staff to be given breaks. If you are unsure of how many books you need to turn in, you can go to the following link to find out how to look them up.

Universal Studios Job Opportunities

This one is pretty straightforward, as Universal Studios will be hiring this summer. For more information on this opportunity, you can check out the following story on our website.

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