Hollywood gets benched out of playoffs

Erik Paxtor

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

Hollywood High took on Fairfax with the overall score of (3-0) in the second game in the Boy’s volleyball playoffs. Hollywood lost the game in an away game against Fairfax. 

This was an intense game because each point is crucial for the Sheiks so they can continue in the playoffs, one loss and they are out.  The whole team stated that they tried all they could, but had minor mistakes throughout the game which cost them the game. 

They are both schools that are playing in Division 2 which makes them same-level teams. 

Juniors in the team stated that they will continue with next year’s volleyball team and give their best efforts. 

“ I did what I came here to do, I could’ve done better, I can’t say I have regrets, it was an awesome season,” said Eduardo Michel NMA Senior. 

Despite the loss in the second game of the playoffs on May 3rd the first game of the playoffs, Hollywood took the win (3-0) against Jordan High. 

“ We had a good game, we could have played better if we were more strict with practice, we weren’t there, we could have had a solid team and won,” said Jaydon Schneider SAS junior.  

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