Track and field reach city prelims

John Jung, a SAS junior, running the hurdles. (Photo by HHS Photography Club)

Justin Castillo

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

The Track and Field team competed in the CIF LA City Prelims on May 12 at Birmingham High School, but did not qualify for finals. Some 70 high schools were competing in the prelims, including Marshall, Fairfax, LACES, Legacy, and Poly High School.  

“All the athletes will have an opportunity to compete next year and I want to thank all the seniors for being part of this year’s track and field team,” said Rahshan Briggs, one of the two track coaches. 

Hollywood had 11 competitors seeking to qualify for CIF LA City with their two coaches, Briggs and Jason Powell. 

“The majority of the team were people who were doing track for the first time so there was a large learning curve,” said Briggs. “Because so many students were new, the athletes were participating in multiple events. We were one of the few teams with multiple high jumpers and triple jumpers.”

Katherine Hernandez attended the event as the only girls and boys track and field student assistant head coach. 

Ronald Castillo participated in the shot put event and placed in 9th place while Miguel Rodriguez placed in 10th place in the triple jump; these were the only athletes that placed. 

“I did good at prelims and improved a lot during the season,” said Ronald. “I appreciate the seniors for all their efforts this season and can’t wait for next year to compete again and qualify for City.”

Students and the events they participated in:

  • Janese Dathorne- shot put events
  • Nathan Francisco- 100m hurdles and the high jump events
  • John Jung- 110m hurdles and 300m hurdles
  • Andrea Galvan, Joshua Munguia, Shamari Rose, and Louiegie Saludares- high jump events
  • Miguel Rodriguez- triple jump event
  • Alexander Tre Webb- 400m dash

“The last time we had a full team was on March 13, 2020,” said Briggs. “Practice at the beginning was practicing as a group, building connections, and then breaking out individual practice.”

Though track and field couldn’t place to qualify for CIF LA City, they were the one sport that was able to take it to the city level.

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