Grad Night may cost even more

Doraliz Cruz

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

In March, seniors were told that Grad Night tickets at Disneyland would be $179 plus $30 to secure a bus spot.  As of April 11, the price for the bus was raised $25, or $55. Many students said they want a refund since they were not aware that the price would increase and now think it isn’t worth going.  

“Students should not be blaming the senior cabinet; it isn’t their fault. Although the bus money should have been addressed since the beginning,” said Paula Opun, SAS.

This event is not affiliated with the school and is a private event. 

Valerie Carillo, who goes to Disneyland often, said, “My boyfriend paid $400 for both of us and we are going for three days, I don’t think it is worth paying the extra money when you can go on your own for three days. The amount of money is like they are ripping you off’.” 

Many seniors are demanding a refund, but if they can’t get one they will have to pay the extra amount that is being charged or lose their ticket. Last day to pay is Friday, May 13.

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