Fights escalate to an LAPD intervention

An LAPD officer detains a male who does not attend the school.

Zaineh Saleh and Axel Brito

Crimson Chronicle Reporters

UPDATE (Friday, May 13) – More fights took place during lunch and after school on Thursday, May, 12. Students received a notification on the “citizen” app as the school requested extra police presence. Fights were reported on the Selma and Highland gate and proceeded all the way to Chick-Fil-A.

In an email to faculty, the principal stated that students who were involved “will not be on campus.” An email to parents was also sent out this morning.

According to a Schoology update, the principal has also taken steps to ensure student safety and campus security by implementing a “staggered dismissal” so that magnet buses leave exactly at 3:00 pm.

Citizen app notifies 370 people around the Hollywood area

Hollywood High experienced a series of intense fights on Tuesday, prompting the Los Angeles Police Department to have a presence on school grounds. 

The fights were a result of “new beef…and apparently were all over chips,” according to speculation by Alex Flores, a PAM senior. 

The first fight occurred at 10:04 a.m. during third period. The fight started in a PAM algebra class but spilled out to the quad. This later extended to further fights occurring during nutrition. 

This led to the main building having its doors locked to prevent any further fighting from ensuing. However, during lunch, several more fights broke out to the point that the administration had to cut lunch short by 20 minutes. 

The lunch fight was reportedly caused by two friend groups avenging their friends from the earlier fights and led to an all-out brawl.

“When I saw everybody running, I thought it was something serious like a shooting,” said Mackenzie Fagen, an SAS freshman. 

As the school day ended, administration canceled all after-school activities and banned any student from staying on campus. Yet another fight sprang up near In & Out and police were seen detaining a student.

  “It was insane to see the whole student body out with their phones trying to look at the fight. I think it’s immature and made the situation way worse,” said Catherine Morales SAS, freshman. 

Principal Samuel Dovlatian addressed the incidents during a school webinar today at 8:40 am. During the webinar, he emphasized the new policies that will be enforced. They included banning wandering around school or “ditching,” allowing emergency bathroom leaves only, and making teachers greet students at the door.  

“Any student who’s involved in a fight will be subject to suspension or expulsion,” said Dovlatian.

Audio portion of a video taken during one of Tuesday’s incidents.

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