Dorm life essentials for seniors living on-campus

Angelica Lorenzo

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

Seniors going to college and having to live on campus, dorming with other students, can cause unbeknownst barriers. Things one may be used to like their own bathroom is shared amongst many students in college, many of which you’re not living with.

These are a couple of essentials when it comes to adapting to dorm life. Do note that you’ll have to research what your school permits.

  • Mini fridge and microwave

Colleges usually partner with the company, MicroFridge, for students to rent mini fridges with a microwave component on top. When you get your roommates’ contract information, you can negotiate and split the bill. Despite the dining plan, there’ll still be times when you have leftovers or want microwaved food.

  • Mini vacuum 

This is also something you’ll want to discuss with roommates. Since a small space is divided between two to three people, you may not want to bring something that takes up space and may not be frequently used. 

  • Television or projector

A television is something you’ll probably have to get approved in dorms but is a good investment if you have to live off-campus after some years. The more unconventional projector could be effective though; it takes up less space while having a slightly more extensive setup process, making it less of a distraction and something you can do when you have time to kill. Still, if you’re a fan of background noise or watching TV as you go about your day, you should get it.

  • Shower caddy, toiletries bag and shower slippers

Most will have to use communal bathrooms so these are a given when it comes to cleanliness and storage. While a shower caddy will carry hair washing products, lotion, shower slippers, washcloth or loofah and towels, the toiletries bag would carry skincare, shaving razors, deodorant, brush/ comb, toothpaste and toothbrush. 

  • Showerhead filter

Showering in a shower that’s being used multiple times a week by multiple people could cause some buildup in the showerhead. Though it might seem like much of an issue for most people, cleaner water provides benefits for skin and hair. 

  • Floor-length mirror

Not only does it provide more space in a dorm, but it becomes multifunctional if you also want to do your hair or makeup inside the dorm. If sitting on the floor or standing doesn’t seem appealing when doing those things, it’s still easy to bring a chair and a small table with whatever you may need in front of the mirror.

  • Adhesive hooks and gel tape

Because things in dorms usually have to be temporary, you may need adhesives when hanging things. With not much floor space, hanging things that could be placed on tables saves space. Both items help when there may be long cords lying around that are better off not on the floor. 

  • Plates and utensils

It should be a given when eating at your place but it does come with some decision-making. Are you willing to wash the dishes every time they get dirty? If so, you’ll have some good dinnerware that’ll last a long time. Or, are you more of an eat and throw away person? If yes, go for some paper or plastic plates and utensils; it won’t be as cost-effective in the long run but can be if you don’t use them very often. 

  •  Over-door storage organizer

Since these require no adhesives and only take space on the back of the door, it’s a great place to store shoes, towels, accessories like hats and purses, backpacks, and even some toiletries or styling products that can take up a lot of space like hair dryers and curling or straightening irons.

While there are many more things that are helpful when living in a dorm, it’s best to go in there and hold out until you find a new or better way to resolve issues like the lack of space. You may regret overbuying or hardly using some products so it’s best to bring just what you need and have and buy what you think could help declutter your room or make your living experience more enjoyable. 

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