Denim Day raises awareness for sexual assault

Katelyn Escalante

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

On the last Wednesday of April, which is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, Denim Day occurs. Students are inclined to wear denim on this day of activism and awareness to resist victim blaming and inform others about sexual abuse. 

Kevin Clanin, assistant principal, posted a Schoology update encouraging students to wear denim as a way to support sexual violence survivors and to spread awareness.

“I think it’s something maybe people can follow along with because it’s not doing much but wearing something that has meaning.” said Esmeralda Juarez, an SAS senior. “It’s an act of support but also support of those who have gone through some sort of trauma or abuse.” 

Denim Day arose from a 1998 ruling by the Italian Supreme Court, which reversed a rape case because the victim wore tight jeans, tight pants are extremely difficult to remove without the woman’s involvement, and if she assisted, she was not raped. Denim Day was founded in Los Angeles in 1999 by Patricia Giggans, Executive Director of the Los Angeles Commission on Assaults Against Women (now Peace Over Violence). On April 29, 2015, we commemorate Denim Day in remembrance of the victim of this case who was raped by her driving instructor. 

“These victims can see they are not alone and there’s people who support them.” also said by Juarez.

In order to spread awareness, people can wear denim, share awareness on social media, and donate to the Denim Day campaign “Dollars for Denim.” Donating to their cause helps to defray the costs of creating and disseminating instructional materials. They also ensure that sexual assault survivors continue to have access to programs like as our 24-hour hotline, affordable counselling services and recovery programs, legal and support groups, and abuse prevention and involvement.

“I feel that Denim Day is a day to raise awareness and protest about sexual assault, but I would say that there could be more done in order to raise even more awareness,” said Angel Morales, an SAS senior.

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