Students and cops can unite in a nine-week paid workshop

Leonel Luna

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

Walking the Beat is a creative writing, theater and multimedia workshop that allows high schoolers and officers to share their stories. The Fountain, a non-profit theater organization, and the Elizabeth Youth Theater Ensemble, who produced the program, are paying students to participate. Students and officers will work together to create original writing and performances about their neighborhood and their own role in community safety.

It is a nine-week program spanning from June 13 to Aug. 19 held in the Fountain Theatre, located at 5060 Fountain Ave., where students will receive community service credit and a $100 weekly salary. 

“This is an amazing opportunity to grow as a writer, actor, and activist in a paid summer internship,” said Ali Nezu, the PAM and NMA Magnet Coordinator.

To conclude the nine-week workshop, two live performances will take place on The Fountain’s outdoor stage based on original pieces created by the participants. 

The Fountain’s motivation for holding this program is to “promote better understanding between young people of color and the police who serve their communities.” It allows for communities and police officers to connect and rebuild the trust that seems to be furthering apart; specifically among people of color. 

Applications are due on April 28. Visit Walking the Beat Application in order to apply. 

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