Softball girls defeat Belmont by 18-16

Zaineh Saleh

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

The girl’s softball team beat Belmont in a heated and close match, leading 18-16, on Thursday, April 21.

“In the beginning, it was a very frustrating game but I tried my best to keep a good attitude,” said  Leslie Molina, PAM senior and captain of the team.

Despite getting six runs in the first six innings, the girls were still down by seven runs due to multiple base running and defensive errors. Though, a shift occurred in the seventh inning.

At the top of the seventh, the girls were batting and were able to get up by two runs. Belmont’s girls scored two runs by the end of the seven. 

Being tied, the game had to continue to the eighth inning where the Sheiks made three runs. At the bottom of the eighth, Belmont could only score one run.

The comeback was suspenseful to watch as the ball hit to the second baseman was caught and thrown to first on time, getting the third and final out.

Celebrations among the team were heard across the field as the Sheiks ended the long-winded game.

“Together as a team we overcame our mistakes and errors and won,” said Jasmine Martinez, SAS senior. “I’m really proud of the girls and their unbeatable efforts.” 

The team is now preparing to face Berenstein on Thursday, April 28.

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