Choir auditions today

Katelyn Escalante

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

Choir is a course that can be taken by a wide variety of students depending on which class, so you could be a TCA or SAS student and partake in choir events. Choir is a course that develops the abilities needed for ensemble performances of simple unison prepared for student vocals, as well as understanding music notation. 

There are multiple types of choir you can take; show choir which is responsible for putting on performances with singing and dancing, and regular choir where you essentially learn the basics. 

“Yeah, choir is fun sometimes. I joined just because I needed my performing arts requirement, but it is a fun class. I would recommend it,” said Crystal Abarca SAS senior.

The training also allows students to improve their comprehension of musical elements as they apply to the music they perform. This is a good course to take to both expand your musical horizons, and for fulfilling that performing arts A-G requirement.

“We usually begin the class with warm ups depending on the agenda for the day.

If we practice on the songs for the upcoming concert we practice in sections and practice until each part sounds good enough.” said Esmeralda Juarez, SAS senior.

Auditions will be held on April 6 in Room 601 in order to try out for next year’s show choir class. In order to audition, you need a song that highlights your talents, and need to learn choreography to dance to. We have previously seen a performance of the show choir in last semester’s performing arts assembly, “Santa’s Frosty Follies” which gives you an idea of what you would experience being in a show choir. Being in a show choir course as well could help make your extracurriculars in your high school career more interesting, helping you prepare for next year’s college applications.

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