Check out local Michelin star restaurant, Luv2eat

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Tiyrah Miller

As a Hollywood High senior I have noticed that many of our students don’t explore past the Chick-fil-a & the In-n-out. A few weeks ago my friends and I noticed we needed to change it up and decided that we were gonna search for a new Hollywood Flavor. Around the plaza, by BobaTime and Pizza Hut you will find a lovely Thai Bistro known as Luv2eat. They serve a variety of Thai cuisine ranging from fried rice to Green Curry soup. For those who stay late after school for plays, games, and practices you will be happy to know that they close at 10 PM. So those with late-night cravings will go home full. 

A bit of history on the place starts with the owner “Chef Fern” who is very passionate about cooking and has proved to be a top chef by achieving a first-class honor degree. She spent a great amount of time learning many secret recipes from her beloved 90-year-old grandma who inspired her to be a chef.

Unlike Chef Fern, “Chef Pla” got her degree in the Bachelor of Communications Arts Program and had worked extensively in the film industry in Thailand. Her grandmother owned a restaurant in Thailand. For example, at Luv2eat Thai Bistro “the well-known crab curry” is Chef Pla’s signature dish and became very popular because of the secret recipe that has been passed through generations. Chef Fern and Chef Pla are originally from a province in Thailand called “Phuket”. The two have been involved in running Thai restaurants for years. The restaurant has won many awards including two Michelin stars.

When the food arrived I was in shock the presentation was amazing, especially for a small place just around the corner. The prices range from $3 items to $24 items, which is pretty great compared to neighboring restaurants.

“It’s a bang for your buck,” said SAS senior Crystal Abarca

If you don’t feel like sitting down and eating you can order ahead for pickup and delivery using ChowNow, Doordash & SAPPCLUB. I recommend using SAPPCLUB because you earn points with every order you use them. Something else that amazed me about this place is many students at Hollywood have never thought to try it, going back to generations of Hwood students. 

“I have never heard of Luv2eat and I went to Hollywood for all four years,” said class of 2016 grad Chelyah Miller

Yet the place has been around since 2014; since going there I have spread the word about Luv2eat and have been getting positive feedback. 

“I didn’t know that there was a Thai place around the corner,I guess I’ll check it out,” said senior Julia Rouillard.

The address is  6660 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028 and it closes at 10 so don’t forget to check it out. Abarca gave it a thumbs up and I know you will too.

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