Upward Bound offers college courses to high school freshmen

Jessica Velasco

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

Natividad Robles, a counselor to the Upward Bound students at Hollywood High, presented to multiple freshman classes over the course of last week, looking for students interested in Upward Bound.
“Upward Bound is a pre-college program geared towards first generation college students (meaning neither parent holds a bachelor degree), low income students, and students who may have an academic need,” Robles said.” Really, students can be eligible with any one of those criteria or all of them.”

With participating in Upward Bound, there are multiple benefits that come with it. “Within Upward Bound, students are able to join us during the summer and participate in a six-week summer academy and that means that they’re able to take college courses while they’re in high school,” she said. If a student was looking to advance in a class without having to do it during the school year, Upward Bound provides some courses in which that is possible. Take Algebra 2 for example. With Upward Bound’s Math 125, you can not only skip Algebra 2 in school, you can also get college credit for the course.

Besides providing college experience, it also gives students insight into a major they’re interested in. “We want students to start thinking about what they would be interested in studying when they are in college,” she said. “This is the perfect time to start thinking about what you’d be interested in majoring in.”

A current student at Upward Bound, Aminata Niane has much to say about it. “It’s given me the chance to get college and high school credit, and it’s helped me and other students at Upward Bound see colleges,” she said.

Not only do they offer classes for college credit, but it also features activities that many of the students look forward to, such as the junior trip; a trip where the juniors are taken around California for four days, looking at colleges and getting to see new places. “I’ve been looking forward to it ever since I applied to the program, and my sister was also an Upward Bound student, and she said nothing but good things about the trip, “ she said.

Robles can be found at the College Center on Thursdays to answer any questions. You can contact her at roblesn@lacitycollege.edu8

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