Tech Theatre students on the making of “Cinderella’s” set

Angelica Lorenzo

Crimson Chronicle Editor

Behind the scenes, Tech Theatre students are building the sets for “Cinderella,” the play. Though they’ll be making some final touches, the set was completed on March 1.

Due to The Oscars, the play went from starting on March 25 to April 1.

Unlike “The Laramie Project,” which only had one large set, Cinderella has eight sets, a task which Tech Theatre 1 students from six periods are working towards completing. Some of the sets include the forest, Cinderella’s stepmother’s cottage interior and exterior, Cinderella’s gold pumpkin carriage, the stairs where Cinderella runs away, and the ballroom with a clock. 

Despite having a higher concentration of SAS students in 1st period Tech Theatre 1 class and the assumption that SAS students wouldn’t like these types of classes, SAS senior, Paula Opun, said, “yes, I enjoy Tech Theatre.”

Though no person has one set task as things need to be done every day, people are given similar tasks depending on what Dr. Sannah assigns them to do. 

“I paint mostly, but I also help around with whatever Dr. Sannah needs,” said Janet Lemus, SAS senior and Tech Theatre 1 student.

Before being able to use power tools, carry lumber around, and paint the set, Tech Theatre 1 students had to learn about safety in theater, tools and their purposes, and other factors of theater like audio, lighting, and positions on stage, so that, with the guidance of Dr. Sannah, they can do some difficult duties during class.

“Having to staple gun the fabric inside of the carriage was very difficult,” Janet said. “Painting is also a lot harder than it seems. Since we’ve had to paint a lot, my hand can cramp up at times and that can be painful.”

According to Dr. Sannah, the set’s production started on the first day back from winter break. And because of the number of sets, students are pushed to work and get their tasks done before the next period. 

Nothing major has gone wrong but budgeting was a big issue since it could cause a decline in the quality of the set. For example, instead of getting actual stair balusters (shown below), they created them out of foam and it created a similar effect. 

Either through the lack of classes available, needing the performing arts requirement, or just enjoying the behind-the-scenes of theater, Tech Theatre has allowed students to try out activities far different than what they’re usually used to.

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