Step back for the LGBTQ+ community

June Donis

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

Many members of the LGBTQ+ community have experienced some type of discrimination. Whether it’s getting slurs yelled at them or even losing their jobs,  many people who identify as some part of the LGBTQ+ community face problems that cis and straight people don’t. 

Recently there was a bill passed in Florida called the Parental Rights in Education bill which is most known as “Don’t say gay” bill. This isn’t the first bill to be brought up to state , this is one out of the 15 similar bills that are being moved through the state legislature where they are not allowed to talk about LGBTQ+ topics and if teachers can be hired due to what they identify as. 

The Parental Rights in Education bill, HB 1557 update was adjusted to not allow LGBTQ+  topics in kindergarten through third grade classes and if they’re older their parents make the choice whether the topic is inappropriate. This bill allows parents to sue schools if a parent believes that the school had violated these laws. The bill was going to include that staff/school who have been confided by a student that they are a part of the  lgbtq+ community are required to tell the student’s parents that their child within six weeks of the student telling them. Yet with the public pressure this part of the bill was withdrawn.

There are many other bills that have been suggested that are anti-LGBTQ in Tennessee. They would ban textbooks and lessons that talk about the LGBTQ+ lifestyle in a positive manner in kindergarten through third Twelfth grade schools. Then in Kansas they tried to ammend a law that allowes  any type of classroom material that has the slightest thing to do with homosexuality to be a class B misdemenor, which carries a sentance of six months in jail or a fine of $2 thousand. Then Legislators in Indiana are trying to prevent teachers from discussing LGBTQ+ topics without the permission of the parents. 

The probability of bills like this getting passed in California is not likely to happen, “The majority of Democrats representing us I don’t think this could happen here. But if possible, or perhaps could happen at a local level or in a school district,”  said Steven Steinberg, SAS social studies teacher.

This would cause a harmful effect on the LGBTQ+ youth. “In the future, you know, it’s going to be really detrimental to a lot of generations, especially not knowing their history and where they come from,” said Ashley Yanet, PAM junior. 

One group that studies this, the Trevor Project, has found out that 19 percent of people who never learned about LGBTQ+ topics and issues attempted suicide in only the past year. Putting students at risk, they can become homeless, abused , and attempt to end their life. Last year there were 56 people who identified as a part of the LGBTQ+ community that had lost their lives according to the Human Rights Campaign website. Due to this reason many people are against the Parental Rights in Education bill being passed. 

LGBTQ+ members say that these laws being passed is evidence that society is not changing and is in fact taking a step back. Some legislators are now targeting the youth of the LGBTQ+ community, and while one doesn’t have to agree with their lifestyle, they deserve to feel safe, respected, and most importantly treated like a human being, advocates say.

2 thoughts on “Step back for the LGBTQ+ community

  1. Thank you for bringing this issue to light. I think this is an issue that invalidates human rights and by speaking out against it people like us can help make a change. Amazing article, well done!!

  2. I would like to know more. I think the topic is not talked about much.

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