SRLA faces the marathon on Sunday

Andy Garcia

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

UPDATE: All of SRLA’s 13 members officially completed the LA Marathon last Sunday. Their coach Johnny Wood, sent out a message for his runners: “To All SRLA Runners: CONGRATULATIONS on your accomplishment yesterday. We trained since August and all 13 that started the race yesterday completed the 26.2 miles. Some of you were veterans while some were rookies. I saw grit, determination and a refusal to give up on all of your faces yesterday. Mr. Arlauskus and myself are proud of you.”

After long months of practicing, SRLA students will finally run the Los Angeles Marathon Sunday starting at 6:30 a.m. at Dodger Stadium and ending at Avenue of the Stars in Century City. 

SRLA members will run 26.2 miles alongside tens of thousands of other runners from across the state, country, and around the world. 

Preparing for a marathon is no joke. It takes hard work and dedication to be prepared for such a long run. SRLA members have been practicing since early October and five months later, their final goal is just around the corner. Neighboring streets such as Orange and Sunset have roadblocks already along the intersections where the students will run. 

Alejandra Valenzuela, a former SRLA marathon finisher, has ran the marathon twice with Hollywood High’s SRLA team and once with her middle school. She gives a few generous words for the runners this season. 

“Eat a good meal the day before and get a lot of rest. It’s also really important to stay hydrated so that you don’t pass out on the course, it’s an experience you’ll remember for the rest of your life and although you’re exercising it can be a lot of fun,” said Valenzuela.

The final obstacle will finish off their season with an exciting thriller. It’ll be something some first-time runners will experience and cherish the memories they’ve built during this time. The image below shows the course runner will show the course of the race.

Credit: “La Marathon Course.” The McCourt Foundation.

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