Peer Advocates in action

Erik Paxtor

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

In order to interact with students about sexual health resources and recruit new people, Peer Advocates have be holding events such as the recent Dareboard during lunch.

The Dareboard event allowed students to interact with their peers and answer any health-related questions. If they answer them right they get to dare the Peer Advocates to do anything on the Dareboard. 

“ It showed how people were actually informed about sexual health,” said Rachel Grant, Peer Advocate. Many students came up to answer questions such as… 

“ What is an STI?”

“ What services does Planned Parenthood provide?”

Giovanni, Peer Advocate gets Pied in the face.

Peer Advocates is looking to recruit new people soon they will show up some Fridays in the quad, during lunch. You can walk up to any peer advocate and ask about the requirements. It’s an amazing opportunity because you get to establish good relationships and connections. “ This helps students by learning something new while having fun and interactive,” said Rachel Grant Peer Advocate. 

When joining this program you have fun activities to plan, interact with many students, make a difference in your community, and get professional training by Planned Parenthood. 

“ This is a really good program because your presence as a Peer Advocate helps students as a sexual health resource,” said senior Giovanni Maya. 

They have other upcoming events such as planning videos and social media posts and visits to classrooms. Peer advocates are going to be in action this semester spreading the word of all the resources available to all students.

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