Next step after college decisions

Tiyrah Miller

Crimson Chronicle Editor

As college decisions are rolling out people are getting follow-up emails saying that their financial aid award letter is now available. After finishing FAFSA, seniors are notified if they are eligible for the Cal A grant or the Cal B grant. This covers all of the tuition; however, it does not cover the actual cost of attendance. 

This letter details the cost of attendance which, in addition to tuition and fees, also includes books and supplies, housing, and health insurance. When receiving these letters it is best to see the College counselor, Kimberly Fabian Marquez, and create an action plan. The “action plan” is a way to use the award letter and make sure you are in the least amount of debt possible. 

“A lot of students get confused by the financial award letter because it is the highest possible price you will pay, however, it isn’t the amount you will pay,” said Kimberly Fabian Marquez

Here are some tips and tricks provided by Kimberly Fabian Marquez that will help to save money and lower the number of loans you will have to pay back.

(Ms. Kim’s model of Cost of Attendance Breakdown)

  • Tuition and Fees: covered by Cal grant
  • Books and supplies: rent from Chegg to save money
  • Housing: consider rooming with three people as it is the cheapest option 
  • Health insurance: some schools may cover this or stay on the family plan 
  • As other schools provide you with offers you can negotiate with the school you really want to go to so that you can get them to increase the amount of money they offer

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