Loosening mask mandate a relief to some

Mary Pogosian

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

There are many different opinions being talked about when it comes to the mask mandate being lifted indoors and outdoors. However, it’s more of a good thing because students get to choose if they want their masks on or off. This mandate being lifted will make students feel more comfortable with going forward when it comes to COVID. Masks should stay optional in schools. 

It’s a good thing having the option to wear your mask because a lot of people already feel comfortable with COVID. Many people seem to be used to having COVID around and they seem to accept that COVID might never go away. 

The good thing about the mask mandate being lifted is that you could take off your mask or take them off whenever you feel like it. You are never forced to wear them or have them off, it is your option. 

Students who don’t feel comfortable could simply wear their masks. Students who do feel comfortable have the option to take their mask off. 

As for me, I choose when I want my mask on or off. Most of the time in class, my mask is either under my chin or under my nose. However, I completely take my mask off when I am outside with my friends. I feel comfortable having my mask off with my friends because they also have their masks off. If all of my friends felt uncomfortable with COVID, I would choose to wear my masks so they wouldn’t feel uncomfortable.

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