LAUSD has lifted the mask mandate

Zaineh Saleh

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

The Los Angeles Unified School District has officially lifted the school indoor mask mandate on Wednesday March.24 

The decision was declared after an ongoing week discussion with the United Teachers Los Angeles. The organization led a vote among its members that later approved the new policies that were presented.

“The Board of Education signed off on ending the mask mandate for students and staff. District policy is now in alignment with LA County guidelines” said Kevin Clanin, assistant principal in an email to teachers. “While masks are no longer required indoors or outdoors the District still strongly recommends the use of masks to keep the positive numbers down.” 

Masking is still strongly reccomended by the district, however the mandate for early education centers still holds as children cannot take the covid vaccine.

The decision of lifting the mandate had a correlation with the vaccine rates high schools have been able to achieve. 

Hollywood had achieved an 82.4  percent rate after continuous effort in campaigning for vaccination during the first semester. Homerooms in each SLC with the highest vaccination rates received a $100 amazon gift card. 

As the mandate was lifted, students and even teachers have been spotted across campus have been spotted maskless.

“ I am tired of covering my face. I’ve caught covid and I’m confident I’d survive it again. The world deserves to see my beautiful face”  said Marvin Centeno, a SAS senior. 

Weekly testing is also a subject that will be further conversed during June, as the district spent nearly $527 million this year and is looking to reinvest that money. 

 “Masks are still important and everyone should have them on, people are forgetting that covid exists which can bring us back to another pandemic” said Mackenzie Fagen, a SAS freshman.

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