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Diana Morales

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

Event has been postponed!

The Senior Cabinet will be hosting a movie night with free admission on March 11 at 5:30 p.m. The choices are Encanto, Cruella, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, Spiderman Homecoming, and Central Intelligence.

Previously, the movie night was set on March 4 but the Senior Cabinet decided to postpone it due to possible rain. 

It will take place on the blacktop where snacks and drinks will be sold. However, there will be no seats so everyone will need to bring their own blankets.

“The movie night is open to the entire school, not just seniors,” said Jimena Lopez, the Senior Cabinet President.

Students can vote for the movie on Schoology. Currently, Spiderman Homecoming is in the lead with 136 votes meaning it will likely that it will be the movie of choice. The second choice is Encanto counting up 35 votes, followed by Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark with 22 votes. Lastly, both Cruella and Central Intelligence are tied together with 11 votes. 

Jimena further adds that the purpose of the movie night is a fundraiser to raise money for seniors.

“The Senior Cabinet and I are helping raise money to help lower the cost of senior packages,” said Jimena.

The movie night will be the only fundraiser that will aid seniors, so it is a one-time event.

“I hope the school can come and join the movie night to help support the senior class,” said Jimena.

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