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Joseph Gallegos

Crimson Chronicle Editor

With the month of March comes a lot of information relating to college for seniors. Though seniors have gotten through the application process of college for the most part, there is still a lot that will be happening relating to further education. Here are some things to keep in mind relating to college plans.

If you are interested in going to LACC next school year, then there’s an opportunity to take advantage of. There will be a field trip to LACC planned for March 24 that is only available for students who have submitted an application for LACC. Through this field trip students will receive a tour of the campus, meet with counselors and other opportunities to prepare them for attending LACC. If you are interested, you can pick up a field trip slip in the college center, though you have to act quickly since the field trip slips are due today.

As acceptance letters from different schools start to come in, there are different things to look out for. The main thing and most important thing to look out for is checking your email for emails from schools who have sent you acceptance letters. Along with this you can also check your admission status through your student portal for the corresponding school, something you have to set up through an email you should have received that says the school has received your application.

You should also look out for financial aid letters from school sent to the email that you used for applications. These letters will tell you how much financial aid that you will be receiving from the corresponding school. This can include a mixture of grants, work study opportunities and loans. Once you have received a financial aid letter, you can stop by the college center in order to see how much this will cover and how much you might have to pay after receiving the help.

Another important thing to keep in mind is to apply to scholarships in order to get as much help as you can. To learn more about scholarships you can read one of our stories about what to keep in mind when applying to scholarships or go to the college center to learn more about the different ones you can apply to.

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