Homeless man runs into school

Alondra Cabrera

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

A homeless man trespassed into  Hollywood High School running past Dean Mauricio Arocha and Assistant Principal Kevin Clanin last Tuesday after school.  Arocha tried closing the main entrance doors, but the man ran right by him into the halls. As the man entered the school, he started shouting and grunting, witnesses said. 

 “ I first saw him close to the 300 building,” Clanin said. Students reportedly said they had seen him on Orange Street earlier.

Police had been following the individual all down Sunset Boulevard until he approached Hollywood High. When police saw this, they ran after the man and pinned him on his back and arrested him on the spot . 

“It was unfortunate that the individual felt like he needed to charge into school grounds,” Clanin said. 

A student recorded a video of the homeless man and was posted to Instagram on Wednesday, and went viral getting 124,654 views .

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