Hollywood High needs to accept card payments


Jimena Lopez

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

It’s 2022, most stores and restaurants accept mobile and card payments. Especially with COVID-19 protocols, everything is touchless to help prevent the spread of germs. With public schools being back in person, students buy snacks and drinks at their school’s student store throughout nutrition and lunch. However, at school, our student store only accepts cash. It seems counterproductive as mobile or touchless payments to help keep students safe and prevent the spread of germs through cash.

“It would drastically incline the revenue they make towards our school,” Danny Rodriguez, NMA senior, said. “Since it’s a new generation where mostly everything is mobile, electronic or card payments; cash isn’t as common, along with the fact that we’re in a pandemic and contact money isn’t the safest thing.”

Not only would it be convenient for students, but it could also cut the amount of time students have to wait in line. When you need to receive change, it can hold the line back for a lunch or break that goes by very fast. According to Angela Hernandez, PAM senior, she feels like the lines will go faster during nutrition and lunch with the addition of mobile or card payments.

With the addition of senior packages needing to be paid, large amounts of cash have to be brought to school instead of the more convenient option: cards or money transfer apps. Cash may not be the most convenient option for students and maybe even their parents if they get money from them. 

“I think it would be more convenient for my parents to pay for my senior packet online using their credit card,” Elizabeth Carillo, TCA senior, said. 

Nena Jalos, the finance manager, has thought about how beneficial it would be to accept multiple payment options but only if it was used often and a majority used cards. “[I would] have to handle multiple payment options and it’s easier to maintain cash,” Jalos said. “I have no say in determining if we could accept other payment options. The school district makes the calls.”

Though cash could’ve worked for previous years, so much has changed with payment, especially after the pandemic. Not only would it allow students to make payments easily, but the school could also make more money if students who don’t carry cash could start paying.

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