Academic Decathlon scores silver and gold in latest competition

Giovanni Lopez

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

Students in the Academic Decathlon team ranked first and second place in their grade categories in their final competition out of about 50-60 schools. 

Brianna Bolanos, SAS senior, won first place in literature in the B-average competitors. In the competition, participants answered 50 quiz questions in 30 minutes. 

“I’m proud of myself because I earned the award last year, but in silver. I’m glad I improved, ” said Brianna. 

Natalie Monchez, PAM junior, won second place in the math quiz of 50 questions ranging from algebra 2 to precalculus, all under a time limit of 50 minutes. Her final math score resulted in 342/600 as part of the C-average competitors. Additionally, she scored first in “Interview” where she had to speak with four panelists and answer a series of questions for 15 minutes, all while having to respond thoroughly with no stutters or hesitations. 

“I’m very proud of it, ” said Natalie. She also succeeded in getting second in Science with a final score of 620/900. 

Allison Moreno, SAS senior, won silver in the “Top Scoring JV Student” with the C-average competitors which includes the English, math, and science categories.

“I feel happy to earn a medal,” said Allison. 

“I am very happy and proud of them,” said Lee Tuomala, the Academic Decathlon coach and SAS science and chemistry teacher. Interestingly enough, Tuomala coached Natalie’s mother when she participated in the Academic Decathlon team during her high school years. 

Through months of preparation of practice quizzes, reading, and practice speeches, their hard work paid off.  

“I feel really happy because of some of them, it’s their first year and they got three medals. And another, she basically improved from silver to gold,” said Belen Cruz, SAS senior, member of the Academic Decathlon team. 

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