Underdog boys basketball exceed expectations

Anay Sandoval

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

Boys basketball face Bernstein Dragons to finish off their season and then will be headed for playoffs. They won the league this year for the very first time since 2013 after defeating Robert F. Kennedy High School 57-45. They have an overall record of 15-7 and their league record is 9-1.

During tournaments taking place during winter break, they won four out of eight games.

The team continues to practice throughout the week on days they aren’t playing, following up extra practice on Saturday. Clearly, the results speak for themselves. As they get ready for playoffs next Tuesday, coach Ryan Simkhai has been putting intense pressure on them during practice while the team players give their 200%, according to Evan Vargas, SAS junior.

Currently, in the city section of LA, the team is ranked number 7, motivating the team to continue to play their best. “These people are not just my teammates , they are my family,” Evan said. “A lot of us have known each other throughout the four years of high school and have great chemistry with each other. They are the best group of guys I’ve ever played basketball with.”

Varsity has two more games left in the season and will play their first home playoff game next week. To congratulate them on their championship, the school will be hanging a banner up in the big gym commemorating the team.

They were underdogs at the beginning of the season, but have obviously shown their basketball prowess. Even still, the team believes they aren’t at their peak yet and that they can win it all, Evan said.

“Don’t ever underestimate the heart of a champion,” said coach Simkhai.

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