The real reason there are no lockers


Being back at school after more than a year of quarantine you would think things would be going back to normal. At the beginning of the 2021-2022 school year, many students were curious about whether or not there would be lockers. A few students asked the staff members and the most popular response was “no clue.”

 During the last semester, there were two guys in the SAS building changing the locker combinations. This got the students curious about whether they were going to get them soon or probably for the second semester. The second semester started and it has been three weeks and still no news about getting lockers which means we probably won’t be getting them for the rest of the year. 

Lockers are very helpful for all students. Carrying books the whole day and leaving them in the lockers is better than carrying them and taking them back home at the end of the day. It has been said getting lockers would have been too much of a hassle as we would have to include all of the COVID-19 guidelines and restrictions in the process; this would include social distancing and regular sanitizing. Students wouldn’t mind cleaning it frequently because it would have helped them keep all their belongings in there instead of carrying them around the whole day. 

Students do have P.E lockers, but only if they have a physical education class or a dance class. There are also some students who got lockers because they are on a sports team, but that’s it. Other than that, it’s not really useful because either the lockers are closed and you can’t have access to it like the usual lockers students get. 

This week, Advisory students received a 2021-2022 school planner. In the planner, it explained all the rules and policies, but at the bottom of page 15 there was a locker policy that said, “ In general, students should use their lockers before and after school, as well as right before the beginning of Nutrition and Lunch respectively.” 

It’s funny and confusing to write that in the planner since for the whole 2021-2022 school year, students weren’t issued lockers. The reason students haven’t gotten lockers is that administration is digitizing them, which is a time-consuming process, according to Kevin Clanin, assistant principal in charge of lockers. How long it will take, time will tell. In the meantime, we will continue to experience back pain from lugging heavy books around. Some students have given up that altogether.

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    1. Based on interviews with Mr.Clanin, it was my understanding that they are putting them on a spreadsheet. It is only taking this long because Hollywood has thousands of lockers.

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