Students give thoughts on no Grad Nite

Alondra Cabrera

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

It has not yet been announced there is going to be a Grad Nite. On the senior package brochure, there was no Grad Nite option, and in the meeting held by the student body a few weeks ago there was no mention of it.

Students were asked: “What are your thoughts on no Grad Nite so far?”

SAS(School for Advanced Studies) senior Arely Ramos said “I feel it’s unfair since previous classes got Grad Nite, but considering the severity of the current situation, I understand if we can’t go through with any Grad Nite this year.”

PAM(Performing Arts Magnet) senior Brianna Escobar said,“ I don’t mind if we don’t have a Grad Nite.”

PAM senior Haley Mijianos said,“I think due to all that we have been through in the last couple of years, we deserve a Grad Nite.”

PAM senior Madison Moore said, “I don’t even want a Grad Nite, I’m fine with no Grad Nite.”

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