Soccer Boys celebrate Senior Night

Photo credit: William Salguero, Photography Club

Doraliz Cruz

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

The seniors on the boys soccer team received awareness for their last season ever Thursday night. They defeated rival Bernstein, beating them 1-0. Scoring the winning goal was junior Julio Gutierrez.

“It was a bit sad realizing you just played your last game of the regular season but I felt proud to have helped the team throughout the years and be part of an awesome group of people,” said Brian Pleitez. “ Hopefully we make a great run in the playoffs.”

The boys had a rough start but were able to make a comeback from losing their first game to winning their last. Not only this, but they made it to second place in the league and will soon be in the playoffs. Teammates thanked seniors for being a part of the team.

We say goodbye to:
Cris Murillo #13
Justin Castillo #25
Sean Duran #24
Brian Pleitez #14
Danny Rodriguez #27
Arturo Carmona #4
Paul Lopez #30

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