Seniors practice presentations

Andy Garcia

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

After preparing and researching last semester for the senior project, practice presentations have now started as of last week. Students are given the opportunity to practice in front of the classroom to get important feedback. Their goal is to speak for eight-to-10 minutes in front of a panel of judges who are teachers.

Presentations are on March 3 with students still needing to complete their physical project portion, such as researching and creating a gofundme, websites, or art pieces by Friday. Students had the first practice presentation which gave them a glimpse of what to expect for the next presentation date. 

“It was an intriguing challenge that allowed us to research a topic, but personally I do not like to present,” said Blake Wright, an SAS senior partaking in the Senior Project. “Although presenting is a good skill, I get anxious when my grade is on the line.” 

All seniors besides the ones that are taking AP Literature, must conclude their senior project as of this week. Seniors will present in front of sophomores as it helps all of the seniors get into the feel of presenting without having it be their own classmates. Students now only need to focus on presenting clearly in front of teachers who are judges, and meeting the eight minute time mark. Seniors are getting more and more prepared about this event, they also have to prepare for the additional questions by the judges following the prepared remarks. 

“It was a challenging and exciting way to research something that I had an interest in and be able to share in some way that passion with others as I was presenting,” said Bryan Uribe, SAS senior.

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