School mask mandates could be ending soon

Giovanni Lopez

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

As COVID-19 cases are going down, California ended its statewide indoor mask mandate for vaccinated people on Feb. 16 . Those who have been fully vaccinated will not be required to wear masks inside places like: restaurants, shops, theaters, family entertainment centers and government offices. 

However, California officials said they’re planning to keep masking requirements in schools for another two weeks. Officials will revise their decision on Feb. 28 and provide further information regarding masking in schools. 

Meanwhile, Los Angeles County is sticking to enforcing stricter guidelines on masks. Though the county may be keeping these guidelines, there is a chance L.A. could soon be lifting some of its requirements when wearing masks for both in and out of schools. 

Students were asked,

”How do you feel about the mask mandate in school possibly coming to an end ?” They said:

“I feel a lot of people are gonna look different,” said Andy Aviles, SAS sophomore.

“I feel good about it because I’ll express myself more with facial expressions,” said Jose Robles, NMA sophomore.

“Honestly, I’m kind of uncomfortable with it because I want to keep the mask on. People are still getting sick,” said Savannah Monterrey, TCA sophomore.

“It would be fine, just like for the bus we should still wear it, at school it doesn’t matter,” said Brianna Escobar, PAM senior

“I feel unsafe even though it’s canceled, I would still wear it,” said Sakunit Srilom, TCA senior.

“I feel its good but not that good because what if not everyone is feeling ok? What if one person has a symptom? It’ll be bad for everyone in school,” said Alexander Bautista, TCA sophomore.

Nevertheless, decisions are still going to have to be made depending on several factors such as: COVID-19 case numbers, hospitalizations and vaccinations rates. 

Until then, L.A. county is possibly weeks away from ending its mask mandate.  

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