Reviewing Jeris Johnson’s album, “I WANT BLOOD/I want love”

Ashley Estrada

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

Jeris Johnson, 25, has been working on music since the age of 13. Johnson spent his high school years in a metal band, Audiophobia. Johnson has released, “Sticks and Stones” and “Damn!” in 2020, which has already reached over 25 million streams on Spotify and nearly four million views on Youtube. He has now released an album called I WANT BLOOD/I want love which includes songs “FRIDAY” and “My Sword” and can now be streamed on any platform.

Many fans were quick to point out similarities between Johnson and Chad Kroeger of Nickelback, who have come together for the “Damn!” remix. From that time on, Johnson has worked with Papa Roach on the “iconic track”, “Last Resort (Reloaded)” and on Oct. 8, 2021, Johnson along with Trippie Redd released, “FRIDAY.”

 At the very beginning, it was very confusing. I didn’t know what to expect. Although Johnson is trying to push his boundaries when creating music, I don’t think the screaming and noises at the beginning were flattering.

When listening to “FRIDAY”, the repeated chorus, “It was just a Friday, she said she wanna take it back to my place, mmm, and I think that she like me, exciting, name ain’t even Kiki, but she riding, mmm, she might get upgraded from side ting” was repeated several times, maybe too many times. I would’ve liked to hear a bridge to tie it all together and really tell us the story of the girl who comes back into the relationship rather than just saying the sexual intentions. 

Trippie Redd was a good collaboration to put in this song, since most of his work sounds familiar and they reach many listeners. I do wish that Johnson put his own twist to the song and to actually test his limits. He could add more emotions to reach a wider audience.

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