Honor the Year of the Tiger at Huntington Library

Leonel Luna

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

The Huntington’s Lunar New Year celebration is the perfect time to get a unique experience filled with China’s culture.

As yesterday marked the day of the Lunar New Year of 2022, one of 12 animals is made to be the animal of the year; this year is the Year of the Tiger while the previous one was the Year of the Ox. It is mainly celebrated in parts of Asia such as China, Japan and Korea, but its influence has found its way into the United States.

One of the most famous cultural centers, The Huntington Library, is showing tribute to the Lunar New Year through a limited-time event from Feb. 5 to Feb. 6 which is perfect for the upcoming weekend for families or friends who want to spend time while also experiencing one of Asia’s biggest celebrations.

The entire outdoors of the center will be flourishing with a variety of Lunar New Year themed decorations, food trucks, Chinese dining specials at the Red Car Cafe, performances including lion dancers, mask-changing artists, martial arts demonstrations, arts and crafts demonstrations, and more.

However, tickets can only be bought online, meaning no tickets will be sold on-site. Additionally, space is limited with most times being sold out already. The only available times seem to be 2 p.m., 3 p.m., and 12 p.m. When you order through the official website, The Huntington Tickets, it’ll cost around $116 ($29 per person, which varies depending on age) for a party of four, ages 12 and up. There’s also a discount for students, which knocks the price down to $5 from the original price to $24 per person. You’ll have to bring your ID in order to verify you’re a full-time student.

Below is a video of Ms. Shen’s Korean students welcoming the new year.

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