Benson Boone preforms debut song, “GHOST TOWN”


Justin Castillo

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

Benson Boone, a 19-year-old artist, performed his debut single, “GHOST TOWN,” from last fall on The Ellen Show yesterday. “GHOST TOWN” is based on the toxic relationship one of his friends was in.

Boone is a TikTok star with 2.3 million followers that joined the American Idol competition in 2021 but dropped out. He was in the top 24 contestants but left due to the better opportunities he got. He wasn’t lying as he signed with Warner Records and Dan Reynolds from Imagine Dragons. 

As the first note began, the tone was set for a melancholic setting. The song title didn’t suggest that the song would be about a relationship. This song was made to touch people’s hearts and express the feelings of two people in a relationship they both know they don’t want. 

“Maybe you’d be happier with someone else, maybe lovin’ me is the reason you can’t love yourself,” is the best lyric in the whole song. It expresses how he knew she was too good for him as she would give him her everything and he took it all without reciprocating it. 

He shows acceptance in his situation as he later says, “show me everything we built, so I can tear it all down” so that he doesn’t turn her heart into a ghost town.

His voice resembles Shawn Mendez but he has his own unique tone and flow. Overall, it was a good song and it is targeted at people that are having the same struggles. It isn’t a song you would hear on a regular basis but it is a song you should listen to when you are in a melancholic mood.

Since his debut, Boone is going to release another single, “ROOM FOR 2,” on Feb.18 and can be pre-saved now on Apple Music, Spotify, and Deezer.

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