Anticipating college acceptances

Erik Paxtor

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

After Seniors applied for colleges last semester in the fall for the CSUs, privates, and UCs we are in the season waiting anxiously for acceptance or denial letters. Each student is going to get the recognition they deserve based on their hard work throughout high school in their admissions. 

There are different admission percentages which means some schools are harder than others to get in. Starting earlier this month there have been acceptance letters coming from schools such as Cal States Chico, Los Angeles, Fullerton, Pomona, and Long Beach. 

The major one chooses can affect admission because they can be impacted majors, meaning there are more students applying for certain majors than there are spots available. This can lead to competition among all the applicants. 

Some Seniors have gone through the excitement of getting accepted into the schools they chose, but some sadly have gotten denied. 

 So far I think they’ve been great. I have gotten accepted to good schools because they’re my backup schools,” said Yahir Martinez, SAS. “I’m checking my emails every day. I’m still nervous about other schools.”

It’s important to set up portals for these schools so one can be ready for any additional requirements they might request or to receive acceptance. This is the start of the season because UCs have not sent out any acceptances letter yet they have stated that they’re going to start early March. 

“Overwhelmed and stressed because it gives me this feeling where you wait for an answer. You have to wait for something you’ve worked hard for a long time,” said Ashley Cabahug, NMA. It messes with your head not knowing if it’s a yes or no.  All we can do at the moment is wait each day anticipating the letter that can change one’s life. 

“That anxiety-inducing feeling of having to wait for something I’ve prepared just builds up and you never know what to expect half the time, but it’s always good to think positive,” said Matthew Arriaga, SAS. The best thing to do right now is checking your emails!

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