Students face complications while finishing the Senior Project

Andy Garcia

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

While the second semester rolls in, students are now preparing for the second part of the senior project as the presentation is just around the corner. The stress of presenting to the judges and worrying about doing well makes many students feel uneasy as the March 3 date approaches.

Now students are taking World Literature at the same time as they continue to work on their senior project. While this has bothered some students, most actually do not mind it at all. In the first place, students were given the opportunity to choose between taking the Senior Project or AP Literature. People at first glance thought this was the perfect opportunity to avoid literature as it involves a different mindset. With a literature class, students feel overwhelmed by the fact that they need to learn two things at once. This could distract them from focusing on their presentations.

“I feel like it’s distracting us from the main idea of the class which is to aid us in finishing our senior project,” said Esteban Torres, an SAS senior who’s currently enrolled in World Literature. 

The senior project takes a lot of time as it does require a lot of dedication to finish. Some students say the time in class should be used to perfect the presentation and make it the main focus of the class.

“So far literature hasn’t been too hard,” said Luis Bautista, SAS senior. “We are going over Macbeth the play and it is interesting, I don’t love it but I also don’t dislike it. English has always been a subject that I have to take and do well on.”

 Some people may find this as a distraction, but others actually like it as it can occupy time in the classroom. 

“Well, English is my least favorite subject but I do like literature because I love to read,” said Ashley Delgado, an SAS senior also taking World Literature. “I feel taking literature at the same time is kind of overwhelming for me because I have other literature classes that I need to graduate from,” she said.

Although with the problems shy students have faced, a variety of resources have been provided in order to guide students to do what judges expect. The original paper is meant for students to base off their presentation with a variety of research done beforehand. Students are also required to produce a physical project to show their mastery in the subject.   “My project [topic] is on how the digital market has changed the music industry and my physical project will be using the benefit of digital marketing on a small artist and seeing the results. I feel confident in my skills as a presenter and my topic being a subject I’m actually passionate about,” said Bautista.

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