Leadership loses their instructor

Jimena Lopez

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

Lieutenant Colonel Ted Arlauskas, the leadership and JROTC instructor, resigned from LAUSD on Friday, Jan. 21, which came as a shock and caught students and his colleagues off guard. His resignation was confirmed in an email to the staff.

Due to the lack of interest in taking over the position for staff, leadership students have been dealing with and planning events by themselves. For now, other teachers or substitutes watch over the class. 

“I’m confused as to why he left because he just dipped,” said Candy Gonzalez, the sergeant in arms. She said that it has been the same without him and he would sit in class and make some side comments. “I think the only problem is who’s going to input the grades for the class,” she said.

Another leadership student, freshman Zaina Saleh said, “I felt confused why he suddenly left because we didn’t get any notice and had any idea why.” Even with so much confusion, she can still say that “leadership is handling everything like before and everything is going smoothly.”

“I feel a little bummed out that Mr. Arlauskas left so suddenly because it’ll be more difficult to get in contact with admin but I know that we can still make it work,” said ASB President Belen Cruz. “It sucks that we only have a substitute for now so I hope we get a real advisor soon.” 

As for how the leadership students have handled the sudden news, Belen mentioned that “it hasn’t created a big problem because the leadership has always been student-led and the advisor would only get involved when needed.”

Though students seem to be confused, it seems to be common knowledge amongst teachers that he was thrown into leadership class as he was a JROTC instructor and that being new to teaching, having to clash with the administration is quite a difficult and jarring task. All in all, leadership seems to still be running smoothly but the search for another leadership teacher is still ongoing.

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