On a budget? Try these tips to save money on food near campus

Tiyrah Miller

Crimson Chronicle Editor

Being a Hollywood High student, one gets to experience all the great tourist attractions that are a close distance to school. As a senior of Hollywood, I know how easy it is to get caught up in the excitement of these places, especially if you’re a freshman. Here are a few things I wish I knew before I went broke my freshman year:

  • You can not afford to eat In-n-Out every day. It should be a once a month opportunity. If you want to go there every day you should only spend a maximum of $5 per visit. If you want something to drink with your meal, have water. “In the State of California water is free at every establishment unless it is bottled,” said senior Zara White.
  • Chick-fil-a is very convenient, however, it can also become very expensive. Do yourself a  favor and download the app. If you go to Chick-fil-a and spend roughly $10 for two days out of the week then you have just earned about 200 points. You can redeem these points to get food when you’re short on money. If you have the app you also get free food as part of its promotion. They give away free food almost every week, so don’t miss out on your chance. The earlier you get this app the more points you’ll be able to rack up and earn more points for every dollar you spend.
  • Every teen loves a caffeinated drink and Starbucks not only gives you that, but it is also customizable. If you download the app you can rack up points quickly and reach new levels that allow you to get different items for free and it also makes your ordering experience less complicated. If you can, on your birthday and during the holidays, ask for Starbucks gift cards. This will help you save money in the long run and also help to manage that caffeine addiction.
  • Of course, McDonald’s, though unhealthy, is affordable. We all know that McDonald’s isn’t the best for your health so don’t go everyday. However, when you do go, use the $1 to $3 menu. If you download the app, you not only collect points, you are also offered deals everyday that help you to save money. 
  • Dave & Busters is not somewhere that you can afford to go to four times a month and on a weekday. Go on the weekend and make sure you have had at least 30 days to save up for it, or just make sure you’re not the one paying for it. 
  • Johnny Rockets is unaffordable unless you have a job so I wouldn’t make it a habit of going there unless you’re not the one paying for it. Same goes for Buffalo Wild Wings, however, you can download the app and go when they are offering coupons. 
  • If you want to go to Pizza Hut, go with a group of friends and get a large pizza, in the end it’s much cheaper than going with just one other person and you make some memories with your friends. 
  • You can go to Sushi Q and get a chicken bowl that is filling for $8. If you do want sushi the prices range from $6 to $10 which isn’t bad as well. 
  • When you are eating at these places in the plaza do not order drinks there, instead, make a 7/11 account and you can get a large fountain drink for 79 cents. 
  • When going to Boba Time, get there early because the line will usually be long. Though, try not to make a habit of going because it can be expensive and just for a drink.
  • Fat Sal’s is not somewhere you can go everyday, make it a once a week thing as meals can go from $8-$15. 
  • IHOP has a happy hour that goes from 3pm-9pm. The Happy Hour Menu food ranges from $5-$8. If you go everyday that’s only a maximum of $40 a week. 
  • Subway is affordable but is also a distance from the school so just be prepared for at least a 10 min walk as I would suggest you go to the subway at this address 6775 Santa Monica Blvd #9, Los Angeles, CA 90038. Due to the fact that the nearest Subway is often frequented by drug addicts and can be unsafe
  • You can take the 2 Metro bus using your school-issued TAP card for free to Denny’s and use their 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 menu.
  • Places such as Burger King and Jack in the Box are affordable and have vegan options such as the Impossible Whopper. 

By following this system, I was able to eat out every day this week on a budget of $75, having both breakfast and getting something to eat after school. The main objective of this system is to make sure wherever you are going you’re getting the best deal possible.

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