Undefeated girls basketball confident for their upcoming game

Katherine Hernandez

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

As everyone is transitioning back to school, the girl’s basketball team still had practiced during the break. The end of the first semester is coming up so the undefeated team worked extra hard to stay that way and increase their wins. Their upcoming game will be taking place at the school against East Valley today, Wednesday, Dec. 1 in the big gym at 3 pm. 

“I’m confident we’ll win today’s game. We’ve worked on what we struggled with and improved,” said Kimberlye Moreira, an NMA junior.

Warmed up with their spirits up, the girls are confident they’ll do great. “As co-captain, I think our girls are ready for today’s game, we’ve been practicing and we have the right attitude to give it our all,” said Nadia Rios.

But, practice isn’t the only thing they need, it’s great teamwork and communication. “It’s all about teamwork and communication. You can’t just communicate without teamwork and you can’t have teamwork without communication,” said Nadia. 

With everything, the girls still need to believe they’ll win to actually win. In the words of the athletic director and girl’s basketball coach, Wendy Carter said, “nobody’s wins by doubting themselves.”

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