Student numbers affected by vaccine mandate

Joseph Gallegos

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

With the recent vaccine mandate that went into effect, the student population at Hollywood High School will be affected during the second semester of the school year as unvaccinated students, or students with no vaccine card on record, will be moved to online classes.

According to school records, last week on Nov. 30 there were 707 students who were fully vaccinated and 393 students who were unvaccinated. This week, as of Dec. 8 the number has changed to 764 fully vaccinated students and 311 unvaccinated students, according to Assistant Principal Kevin Clanin.

These numbers aren’t exact as they can be affected by different factors. “The number of unvaccinated students may be affected by students who are unvaccinated but haven’t uploaded their vaccination card to the Daily Pass and students who are in the process of getting their vaccination card approved,” Clanin said.

Students with no vaccination card on record by next semester will be taken off the Hollywood High School roster and instead be transferred to the City of Angels program, the online school alternative being offered by LAUSD. Students being placed in the City of Angels program will no longer be considered HHS students meaning they will no longer receive the same benefits and opportunities, such as graduating at the Hollywood Bowl.

According to Clanin, “for those who need help uploading their card to the Daily Pass, you can get help from the Parent Center, teachers and other staff in the school have also been helpful.” For students who have been vaccinated already but have not uploaded their vaccination card to the Daily Pass yet, you have until before the spring semester to upload your vaccine card to the Daily Pass.

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