Semester closes with holiday spirit week

Leonel Luna

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

As the semester comes to an end, the school is holding a holiday theme spirit week to get festive for the upcoming break. Each day up until Friday, the school is encouraging students and staff to show their holiday spirit by having assigned days to wear or bring certain clothing or Christmas accessories. 

Monday- Pajama Day: 

As the name suggests, Pajama Day encourages students to wear their own pajamas. It proved quite popular as the campus was filled with students wearing a variety of pajamas, with the most popular seeming to be flannel-designed pajama pants paired with a hoodie to top it off. 

“I mean who wouldn’t want to be all cozy and in their pajamas while also being at school,” said Julio Lopez, a SAS senior.

Tuesday- Holiday Accessory Day: 

On Tuesday, people are encouraged to bring any Christmas-related items to show their holiday spirit. Items ranging from reindeer headbands, Santa hats, festive beanies, festive glasses, and Santa beards could be examples of this. This day might prove as popular as Pajama Day because it’s fairly easy to participate in, and can be an opportunity to have some fun before the semester ends. 

Wednesday- Stuffed Animal Day:

Wednesday is Stuffed Animal Day where students are promoted to bring their own stuffed animals that represent the festiveness of the holidays. Here’s a link to Amazon where they have a variety of stuffed Christmas animals. While it may not be guaranteed to get them by Wednesday, if you order them online, it gives you an idea of what to bring. 

Thursday- Ugly Sweater Day: 

Thursday is Ugly Sweater Day, a day where there will be some ugly and tacky sweaters. 

“I think Thursday is gonna be a fun day, it’ll be funny but I personally won’t be participating in it. I don’t like ugly sweaters,” said Anderson Hernandez, a PAM senior. 

Some students might not be participating on this day, but the school will definitely see other students and possibly even staff having fun with this.

Friday- Holiday Colors Day: 

Finally, the last day of spirit week, Holiday Colors Day, encourages people to wear any colors that represent the holidays like red, green, gold, and white. As long as it’s on you, any clothing or accessories will do. This is one of the easier ones as most people have items that are at least one of the colors listed above. Additionally, its broader theme would be easier for people to execute, creatively at that, that would otherwise be missing on Ugly Sweater Day. 

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