New schedule affects students’ academic performance

Tiberius Marks

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

One of the biggest changes students have had to deal with is the drastic change to the schedule. Block schedules are nothing new and have been in schools for a long time, some may have even had them during middle school. The schedule has had an impact not only on how the students learn but also on how they perform as not meeting with some classes creates a big shift in what most students are used to. 

Students have already expressed their opinions, good or bad, about this topic. Though block schedules purposely divide classes, students still have to get work done for classes they don’t meet with that day. Aracely Chimil, a SAS junior, said, “Overall, I’d say it has its benefits and drawbacks depending on the student. I find myself falling behind on work from classes I don’t meet with even if it is my responsibility to keep up to date. Personally, I think the schedule could be improved.” 

In contrast, students enjoy that they don’t have to meet with all their classes in one day but find that the 90-minute classes drag on, making learning eight subjects difficult. Juliana Molina, a SAS junior, said, “I would say that the block schedule has made learning a bit more difficult because of the extra classes and longer periods. I feel very bored in some classes because of the new schedule but I do enjoy that I don’t have to go to certain classes every day. Overall, I don’t like the new schedule and feel like it has made a slightly negative effect on my school experience.”

Interestingly enough, some students found that longer periods were more effective for Advanced Placement classes. “For me at least, I feel fine with the new schedule. It doesn’t affect me personally in my AP classes,” said Axel Recinos, a SAS junior. 

Finding that the longer periods and every-so-often meetings could be used to their advantage, students have been able to do their work in a larger time span. “For my AP classes, the longer periods give me more time to focus on the lesson and the longer amount of time in between each meeting gives me more time to work,” said Aracely.

But, when it comes to the most important part of AP classes, preparing students to take the AP exam, some felt teachers were or weren’t able to adjust. Juliana said, “I think that teachers are providing enough work in a manner to help prepare me for the exams. I do appreciate how creative some of my teachers get to create a good learning environment through their assignments but I wish to see improvement in my teachers that aren’t trying as hard.” 

All in all, it depends on how the students have been able to adjust, their classes, and their teachers. Axel said, “I think they’re trying their best to prepare us for the exams. However, I think it is based on the classes entirely. All students have different experiences but for me, I feel like I’m on the right track.”

Though this year’s schedule has been met with much opposition, it’s also gained a couple of fans. With the school’s second-semester schedule being placed into question, students will have to test the waters further.

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