LAUSD develops new grading policy

Alondra Cabrera Crimson Chronicle Reporter

Students will have until Feb 28, 2022 to improve any Ds or fails they might have.

LAUSD has decided to put a new grading policy in place for the 20 week grade, due to the fact that we are still in a pandemic and they wanted to make accommodations for students. 

How it works will be, if students are failing a class they will be handed a paper with their name, grade, and missing assignments in the class. If students don’t make up the grade by the due date,  the grade will turn into an automatic F or D. In that case students will have an option to do credit recovery on Engenuity which will take place every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. 

For seniors specifically this will not affect your chances of getting into any university and the incomplete will not show up on your transcript. However If seniors leave the fail, they will not be able to graduate .This is a good opportunity for students to move forward in their academic life. Catrisa Booker said “ we need to give students as many opportunitues to be successful.” 

This is the first time LAUSD is giving an extension like this so this is a chance for students to have a second chance and catch up on their workin order to graduate . Catrisa Booker said “I hope students take advantage of this policy. “

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