Junior class soon to be ready for college?

Esteban Torres Crimson Chronicle Reporter

While most students are going through finals, juniors specifically are working hard to try to improve their grades. Before the pandemic, eleventh graders  were in ninth grade physically at school but weren’t able to finish the year off. It made it both difficult and easy for them to adapt as their start of school .

Now, juniors are preparing for college and senior year soon. Many are looking for ways to improve their grades. The Los Angeles Unified School district recently gave students in any grade level with D’s and F’s a chance to improve their grades. Students have until Feb. 28 of the new year to make up missing work.

Edwin Deleon,  current SAS 11th grade counselor, spoke to most junior classes about the requirements for graduation, requirements to be a white, grades needed for college, IGP reports, etc. 

Deleon spoke to the class on the opportunity being granted and every single student should take advantage of that to get their grades up and even improve their grades for previous classes in the past. 

“ It feels unfair because there’s students who put in the work to pass their classes but then they’re saying you can make up the work in what, 3 weeks for a better grade? Doesn’t seem right. “ says SAS junior Anthony Cruz. 

But others appreciate it. “I think it takes some pressure off of me. I know if I wasn’t fully prepared or did great the first time, I’ve got another chance. Still, it doesn’t discourage me from succeeding in the class,” said  Na’zyia Clayton, another SAS junior .

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