Is Hollywood basketball on track to an undefeated season?

Esteban Torres

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

The boys basketball team is off to a good start as they remain undefeated.  They face Marquez at their second home game on Dec. 16. 

“Yes, we are on a winning streak, but we see it more as us playing to our fullest potential as a team,¨ said captain of the varsity team and SAS senior, Gary Lira.

Although they might be on a streak for now, they’re not letting it get to their heads. Miguel Herrera, SAS senior said ¨I believe that this year we will have a good season because we have a team filled with great heights and skill.¨ 

It’s clear that the varsity team is eager to prove their worth to any competing schools. The team’s success is in no small part due to the strong communication and chemistry that coach Ryan Simkhai shares with the team, chemistry and communication that come few and far between. This is why when asked who the MVP of the team was, both Lira and senior Mark Smith Jr. said “Coach is the MVP.¨ 

With the influence of coach Ryan, the team has no doubt in their mind that they’ll come out on top, as stated by multiple players. As far as their biggest challenge goes, Smith said, ¨We don’t see a specific school that is going to give us the biggest challenge because we go into each game with the mindset that it will be a challenge and we have to fight, no matter which team it is.¨ 

The team believes they are on track to be the best team in the district of winning no matter what it takes.

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