If you missed the choir show, you can still hear them on Friday

Brook’Lynn Sanders

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

If you missed Santa’s Frosty Follies last week, you can still get a chance to hear them this Friday at the assembly. 

This show was directed by Lisa Hertzner and included multiple classes taught by her with each class ranging in difficulty. It was a one night only event. Students began working on this show in the beginning of the semester so they were proud of the work put into it. 

“It was an exciting Christmas show which brought elements of caroling and showmanship into a seasonal adventure for the whole family,” said choir student William Salguero, PAM junior.

This show’s goal was to spread holiday cheer no matter what holiday one celebrates.

Choir isn’t done yet. The students have been patrolling around campus caroling and continuing to spread holiday cheer. They will be having a Spring show as well!

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