Hollywood High magnet bus shot

Zaineh Saleh

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

 A Hollywood high magnet bus was shot with a BB gun in Koreatown Tuesday, Nov. 30. No students were injured, and staff took protocol and ensured all the student’s safety. According to many students, the bus had 31 students inside despite what several news outlets have reported.

Recently, The subject of gun violence has been prominent around schools in America. After the violent Michigan shooting at Oxford High, students have been experiencing bus shootings and an abundance of school threats. 

Hollywood and Santa Monica High, experienced threats that were spread on social media outlets on Monday, Dec. 6. Both schools noticed a decrease in their student attendance and an increase in police monitoring. 

Student Demand Action is a pro-gun control club on campus that has a mission to make schools safer and to help create safer gun laws throughout the United State. “Even though the bus was shot with a BB gun the situation should still be taken as seriously” said Ashley Castillo, a junior in PAM.  The co-president advocates for her club and the rest of the school to demand change. “I think what we need to take away is that if we want to change, we should try our best to make it happen”  

“ I was laying down when I saw the bullet pass through the window I was sitting next [ to], I was terrified. Never in my life, I thought it would happen to me” said Ikita Taylor, a freshman in PAM. 

“I was about to sleep when I saw the window the crack and people were screaming, I am glad no one was injured though,” said Syanna Thomas, a freshman in PAM.

In a series of posts on Instagram, Twitter, and youtube CBS Los Angeles reported,

Regardless of the video and photo evidence provided by many sources, the bus was deemed “empty.” Many students felt like the post was disrespectful to the traumatizing experience they went through, and have emailed CBS to change the post.

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  1. Reading this article helped me gain more information about the current events going on in our school, and also more about how our amazing Students Demand Action Club is handling these issues. Amazing job!

  2. Thank you so much for informing us correctly without hiding anything from us. We students also deserve to be concerned about these issues and their effects without needing to restrict any information.

  3. Thank you Z for sharing this information with all of us. Your are such a talented writer and I hope many people can learn about what happened that day <3

  4. Thank you for continuing this topic and spreading the awareness about what really happened and explains the students reaction to it. Hopefully CBS can fix their errors so that the students,staff, and family gain the relief and justice they deserve.

  5. Wow I can’t believe this happened. This article did a very good job on informing me on the current situation. 10/10 article

  6. Thanks for giving the full story about what happened that day and for spreading awareness about this topic.

  7. I agree with everything you stated in this article Zaina! It’s great I can’t wait to see what’s next!!

  8. thank you for informing us on this topic! we as students should be aware of this topic and you writing this article gives us the best insight.

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