Gift the best presents for the holidays

Mary Pogosian

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

With the holidays coming, you might be wondering what you should get for your friends and family. Some gifts might be too expensive and some gifts might seem boring. Here are some useful and comforting gifts to give someone during the holidays that are under $50.

Moon Lamp ($23.98):

A moon lamp is a perfect gift for someone who likes to put lights in their room. Teenagers nowadays are always adding so many lights in their rooms to make it look cool. This moon lamp has different colors to choose from on a remote control that it comes with. 

Boba Tea Kit ($40):

This next gift idea is for your friends and family who are boba lovers. This gift is perfect for the people who always have to leave the house for more boba. Now, with this gift they are able to make their own boba tea whenever they want in their homes. 

Apple Charging station ($26.99): 

This next gift idea is perfect for those people who are always on their Apple products. An Apple charging station could sit on their bedsides as they sleep before they wake up in the morning. This apple charging station lets you charge your Iphone, Apple watch, and airpods all at the same time. This Apple charging station comes in black, classic white, dark grey, and jean indigo. 

LED Lights ($11.04 – $40.99): 

Teenagers have loved LED lights since they first became a trend on TikTok. Gifting LED lights to friends is a great gift idea because it could make their room look different with every color they choose. There are different lengths you could pick while choosing which would be the perfect size for their room. There are three options to choose from. The first is the 16.4ft which costs $11.04. The second is the 32.8ft which costs $16.14. The last option is 65.6ft long and costs $40.99. 

Oversized wearable blanket ($48.99):

This oversized wearable blanket is a great idea to give during the holidays. Imagine wearing this oversized wearable blanket while it’s cold outside and you’re watching a Christmas movie next to the fireplace. This blanket would keep you warm and comfortable at the same time while you’re watching your Christmas movie.

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