Dance guard still accepting members

Ashley Estrada

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

Dance guard will be having new tryouts once school starts next semester. All the dancers from the Fall 2021 semester will be trying out but won’t have a spot unless earned just like everyone else. There will be plenty of spots to fill. 

LACER dance coach, Kiva Davis White, and captain/assistant choreographer, Alex Flores have agreed to have auditions for dance guards. All girls who have been in dance guard will have to try out as well and be judged equally as other students trying out. 

Their goal is to host tryouts in the first or second week of the spring semester. The dates are unknown at this moment but will be occurring after winter break. 

Dance guard has been performing for all school home football games and fall semester basketball games. They have also performed during lunch. For the spring semester, basketball games, and marching season, a new team will be appearing. 

Alex Flores said that the environment will be positive and light-hearted for anyone trying out. 

There are many opinions on this new change since it’s not regularly done. 

¨I sort of getting why they might do this but it’s kind of unfair to the girls who have been committed to dance guard this master. We are all a bit frustrated.¨ said Britney Estrada, SAS Freshman, and a dance guard member. 

There are some mixed feelings about next semester dance guard tryouts but Alex says, ¨ we thought it would be for the best in terms of motivation for the girls who are already on the team.¨

Alex said he will want to see some new faces and maybe some from the current team. Although dates and times may vary, they will be taken on Jan. 2022.

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