Cross Country season reaches the finish line

Diego Palomares

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

The cross country season has come to end, and even though the team didn’t qualify for the city league finals, there are still achievements that deserve to be recognized. Tirsa Aguilar, SAS senior and team captain, as well as Juliana Molina Santos, SAS junior, each won a medal.

Tirsa secured 13th place, while Juliana came in 19th place.

“I feel extremely grateful in having this opportunity and in finishing my last year with a medal which is a memory that I will cherish for a long time,” said Tirsa.

It definitely wasn’t an easy task to complete. Team members said they put in a lot of effort during practice as well as their races to get the best results possible while keeping track of their academics. “The most challenging part in doing cross country was missing some of my class time and catching up with the missing assignments,” said Tirsa.

The team was also pretty small, making it more difficult and stressful. “It would help to recruit more student athletes in order to have a larger team,” said Laura Christian, TCA mathematics teacher, and cross country coach. Even though it was her first season as coach, she really made an impact on this team and pushed them really hard to do their best.

Although the outcome may not have been what they were looking for, every member of this team can certainly be proud of one another. 

“The biggest motivations that always kept me going were my teammates and my coach. I felt like they have created such a comforting environment for me to thrive and push towards bettering myself,” said Juliana, “I would definitely recommend others to join. Taking on this challenge has driven me to be a motivated person and it’s pushed me to become more confident in myself.”

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